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  • Our customers are the heart of every Salerno creation. The uniqueness of each design is blended into the existing décor of each client’s home. We take into account differences in lighting, lifestyle and focal points to create your unique space.

  • The process of creating custom cabinets and enclosures is augmented, not only by the hand selection of the lumber but also by the sequential number of the individual pieces. This ensures each piece is matched and will fit together perfectly. The result is the natural accentuation of the wood’s natural grain.

  • At Salerno's Kitchens we take pride in the uniqueness of every piece. Through a comfortable exchange of thoughts and ideas, we help our customers create a one-of-a-kind look.

  • The craftsmen at Salerno’s and our numbering of each piece, guarantees that our handmade crafted pieces become an iconic masterpiece symbolizing your unique style.

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  • At Salerno’s, anything is possible. Tranquil library settings, integrated bar units and highly functional and attractive executive furniture are some examples of the depth and range or our designers and craftsmen. We invite you to test the ingenuity and creativity of our designers and craftsmen.